April 3rd, 2020 

Amerika Under the Election Year Virus

  So here I sit writing this on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Four months into this terrible virus and still the death toll in Florida is only around 150 out of a population of 23,300,000.  The information that I've found on the virus comes directly from the CDC and other governmental websites. ( I refuse to listen to the leftard media)  It appears that the virus is simply a precursor virus which may cause a mild respiratory infection in people with compromised immune systems i.e. the elderly, diabetics and obese people.  The infection can evolve into a flu and eventually a pneumonia but most of the time it does not.  The seasonal flu killed far more people than the Coronavirus and while its still too early to tell Mr. Fauci's model shows the virus leveling off in mid April and coming down from that point on.  My question is,  why if this virus takes less lives and is less serious than seasonal flu, swine flu and others of past years; why did we not take away people's liberties in those years?  Is it because its an election year?  In Sweden they have almost the same exact voting process that we do yet it is not an election year in Sweden.  They have the 5th highest contagion rate in the world per-capita with respect to this flu yet they are not worried.  They are going about business as normal just like we did during prior pandemics which did not happen to fall on an election year in which the leftard media has a beef with the incumbent.

I am not one to believe that this virus was created in a Chinese lab by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, however there are just too many coincidences.  I find it interesting that the media started exaggerating heavily on this just as soon as Bloomberg stepped down from his candidacy.  Those on the left and the leftard media are very happy to sacrifice our liberties and our capitalist way of life just to get their way and try to throw a wrench into what was a prosperous and well oiled machine.

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