David Ben-Gurion, the primary founder and the first Prime Minister of Israel, can be described as a combination of liberal and conservative tendencies. Throughout his political career, Ben-Gurion displayed a pragmatic and flexible approach, adapting his policies to the specific circumstances and challenges faced by the newly established state of Israel.

In terms of liberalism, Ben-Gurion championed the principles of democracy, human rights, and equality. He advocated for the establishment of a Jewish democratic state in Israel and promoted the integration of diverse Jewish communities into a unified society.

On the other hand, Ben-Gurion also demonstrated conservative inclinations in certain aspects. He prioritized national security and defense, overseeing the development of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and making tough decisions during times of conflict. Ben-Gurion also had a vision of a self-reliant and economically independent Israel, promoting socialist policies such as land nationalization and the establishment of cooperative settlements (kibbutzim).

Overall, David Ben-Gurion's political ideology encompassed a blend of liberal and conservative elements, reflecting his commitment to both democratic values and the security and development of the State of Israel.

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