Former Governor Tim Pawlenty Endorses Dan 'Doc' Severson, Retired Navy Top Gun Fighter Pilot, Candidate for SW Florida Congressional District 19

Dan 'Doc' Severson launches candidacy for SW Florida Congressional District 19 and former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty becomes one of his first endorsements

Dan "Doc" Severson, acandidate for SW Florida Congressional District 19, is a retired Navy Top Gun fighter pilot (1978-2000), Commander, State Representative (2002-2010), inventor and family man. He is in the race to represent District 19 which covers Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, and Marco Island.

Dan Severson's Navy career spans over 22 years. While serving in the Navy, Dan Severson retained his residency in Florida and voted in Florida ever since his training in Pensacola. Since 2015, Dan and his wife are proud to call Southwest Florida their home.

Dan Severson holds a bachelor's degree in physics from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. During his Naval service, he logged over 3,200 flight hours and over 320 carrier landings while piloting warplanes such as the T2 Buckeye, A4 Skyhawk, A7 Corsair, FA18 Hornet and SA227 Metro. In 2000, he retired as a Commander. Dan Severson earned the Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Commendation Medal and two Meritorious Service Medals for exceptional leadership.

In 2001, Dan was approached by the Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives to run for public office. In 2002, Dan won election to the Minnesota House of Representatives. During his eight years of service, Dan held executive leadership roles and was selected to serve as Minority Whip. Dan served the people of Minnesota by upholding and fighting for strong family values, lower taxes, smaller government, pro-life issues, veteran benefits and judicial accountability.

In 2008, Dan led an investigation into election fraud allegations and found the issues with Minnesota's election system went all the way up to the Minnesota Supreme Court, with lack of accountability at every level:

In 2010, to continue the battle for election reform, Dan Severson gave up his safe House seat and ran for Minnesota Secretary of State. Dan came within 3% of defeating the incumbent. After the election, Dan encouraged minority community leaders to engage in government by mentoring these leaders to run for public office.

Because of his work in the Minnesota House, Tim Pawlenty has written a strong recommendation for Dan Severson.

Tim Pawlenty states, "Dan's confirmed record of strong action, accomplishment and dedicated public service should give us all confidence about how he will serve and lead as a member of Congress. It is not often we have a chance to elect someone like Dan Severson to Congress. Please make the most of this opportunity and vote for Dan in the upcoming Republican primary on August 18th."

In 2014, Dan Severson received the Republican endorsement for Minnesota Secretary of State, coming within 1% of victory and out-performing the Republican Gubernatorial candidate by 4% points and all other statewide races by over 10 points.

In 2015, Dan and his wife returned to Florida. They attend Life Church in Ft. Myers and are very active in their church community. He regularly attends the Ft. Myers Trump Club and several other Republican club meetings across the region.

Dan Severson is passionate about accountability in government, upholding the Constitution, protecting individual liberties and protecting Southwest Florida's waterways as a treasure and lifeblood of its economy.

Dan Severson encourages Republican voters to vote for him on Aug. 18, the GOP Primary. To get involved and donate to the campaign, go to

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