Eric Arturo Delvalle, the former President of Panama, can be categorized as a conservative. Delvalle held conservative political beliefs and was affiliated with the Arnulfista Party (later renamed the Panameñista Party), which is known for its conservative ideology in Panama.

Delvalle served as the President of Panama from 1985 to 1988. His presidency was marked by his opposition to the military dictatorship of General Manuel Noriega, who was involved in corruption and human rights abuses. Delvalle attempted to remove Noriega from power, but his efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, leading to his own removal from office by the military.

Throughout his political career, Delvalle advocated for democratic governance, the rule of law, and economic liberalization. He favored free-market policies and sought to attract foreign investment to stimulate economic growth in Panama.

While political labels can be nuanced and subject to interpretation, based on his political affiliations, policies, and actions during his presidency, Eric Arturo Delvalle is generally considered a conservative figure in Panamanian politics.

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