Fabian Basabe - Celebrity Interview - April 8th, 2020

Can you share a little about your background and how you got started?

I am a New Yorker and my mindset is I get a new start everyday. I was handed plenty, but this was an education in itself, as I had to learn how to preserve wealth in the rollercoaster of economic times I personally witnessed and lived thru. My greatest accomplishment has been building a family, which has always been my main purpose. My real life started when I had my son, and my wife Martina and I made plans for his life. I maintained my levelheaded understanding of what is important in life, and my conservative beliefs. We are hardly the cookie cutter family set, but our values are strong and unpolluted by the new 'trends', that too often shape and navigate the education parents our age choose to give to their children. Our home has an open heart and acceptance, but there isn't any confusion for picking and choosing biology, under my roof. We filter and introduce life and our beliefs into a strong household, created to inspire a well rounded, cultured and educated future, rooted in respect for our own selves and others, recognizing and honoring responsibilities, for our son, Brando. Everything I own, I produce and every plan I make, holds him at its center. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love the ocean so I am often on a boat!

I play tennis, and I probably cocktail better than anyone you know! Lol

I also like to ski, and Aspen is our destination every Spring Break, although I take my time down the mountain! 

I still win at basketball against my son, but I am beginning to have a hard time beating him at chess. I am very impressed by him.

Do you have any causes that you enjoy supporting?

I stay away from the trendy and politically charged foundations, but anything for children. My yearly support has been allocated to The Cushman School, a great institution, that takes care of my son, and also has the most successful program for special needs children in the state. Many times now, as a family and school community, we participated in feeding the homeless - we roll up our sleeves, prepare and serve them lunch. It is important to help ones community! 

Which Republican or conservative thinkers inspire you both past and present?

My dad! He is not American born, but has fought for this Nation in War, and maintains its Republican values, always. 

And in these times, where politics has become so intrinsically polarizing, I admire every Republican who is not afraid to stand for their party. Being Republican was received, at the time of the 2016 election, almost an admission of fault, as this Nation had become so brainwashed. I lost friends because of my political believes, and many others have admitted they could not speak up about their political preference, for fear of their business’ being harmed. Still, despite President Trump's accomplishments, Liberals continue to ridiculously yap nonsense, and since the average is, in fact, the majority, a vocal Republican is always victimized. So I admire all those who, despite the consequences, speak up and celebrate our party.

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