Republican Magazine Exclusive Interview - Greg Merk - April 2020

Can you share a little about your background and how you got started? 

I am a career military officer. I was born in Buffalo, NY. After graduating from Marion Military Institute and SUNY- Buffalo, I joined the US Navy in 1990. I completed Aviation Officer Candidate School and was winged a Naval Aviator in April 1992. I served over ten years as a Navy pilot and then transitioned to the US Air Force in late 2000 to fly the B-1B. I flew missions in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

I retired in 2011. After a career in commercial and contract aviation, I made a professional pivot. Currently finishing up at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Master of Science Finance Program.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am an avid writer on politics, culture and faith. In my spare time, if I am not in the den working on my book, I can be found at the gym weight training.

Are you more of a Stalwart Registered Republican, Libertarian or other with respect to your political thought process? 

As a lifelong conservative I believe the best government is smaller, fiscally responsible government. As a Christian conservative, I believe America has lost her way and it is going to take bold, inspirational voices to bring her back. We cannot continue to allow imagination to supersede truth or the consequences will prove disastrous.

Which Republican or conservative thinkers inspire you both past and present?

I believe President Ronald Reagan set the conservative standard. However, President Donald Trump is what America needed in the twenty-first century. After decades of military service, I have never been more confident in America's Commander-in-Chief than I am today.

Why vote for you?

Florida’s first is the largest active duty and veteran district in the nation. Unfortunately, our current representative is unqualified and inexperienced on matters of defense and national security. He is woefully out of touch with both Northwest Florida and the nation. His constant outrageous behavior and acts of self-promotion, like his recent gas mask episode, have demonstrated his ignorance and insensitivity. Our great district no longer wants to be embarrassed. The people are looking for mature, experienced, conservative leadership and that is why I am running. It is time to close the Gaetz out and get Merk to work.

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