Exclusive Republican Magazine Interview with Joe Dallas Millado!  Florida's District 3

Which district are you running in, and how can people in that district vote for you?

I’m running for Floridas 3rd Congressional District (CD-03) and registered Republicans in Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Marion (Majority), Putnam, and Union counties can vote for me. If you are registered with non-party affiliation (NPAs), those individuals have 29 days before the election to register a party to have their voice heard in a closed primary state. However, anyone in any district around the country can join the ght and support our efforts through social media.

When elected what is the very first thing you are going to do for the voters both locally and nationally?

Our campaign is to inspire everyone to run for office in local, state, and federal government. It is evident and proven Congress after Congress that those currently leading us don’t have the answers. If elected, it would prove anyone no matter age, skin color, physical traits, economic status can in fact pursue life, liberty and happiness. Within the first 100 days the 117th Congress starts accepting bill introductions, I will have at least (1) substantive legislation introduced for every permanent standing committee, while anyone else will take months to even start working for you. Every action we have done and will do will benefit voters both locally and nationally immediately and exponentially more than we currently have had.

Who or what motivated you to run for office?

Seeing first-hand good and capable people fall short in solving our nations issues and accepting problems are too big. Watching as both parties care more about which party gets credit for the solution as opposed to working together to solve problems both complicated and especially the “low hanging fruit” that help Americans and their families no matter what political letter is before their name. Evil and corruption exists because good people stayed silent and did nothing. Seeing the problems, knowing what needs to be done, and believing I have prepared to succeed where others have failed is what inspired me to run. Its necessary.

How has your background shaped you for the challenges of the job?

Joe Dallas Millado CD-03 Candidate

When hiring any candidate for any job, does it not hold more merit with a candidate that has proven with experience the qualities desired for the position, or the candidate that rehearsed what you want to hear. I squandered 0 seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years in the time I spent in Washington. I learned as much as I could serving Americans and their families in all facets from customer service, policy on a multitude of committee jurisdictions, and learning from failures to produce best practices in how I will represent in a better era of government and representation. Leveraging more than a decade of legislative experience, I feel well positioned to serve Floridas 3rd Congressional District - addressing key issues through practical policy solutions instead of cheap talk and politics. Again, I’m running for Congress to inspire and lead a refreshing new era in Washington with “day one” competency and passion.

If you were in office in this very moment what would you do differently to help the locals with respect to the Covid Virus Economy?

Politicians and candidates argue that its impossible to vote on single item measures. Thats because those currently representing us either lack the competency to do so or intentionally do not for political gain. If Congress stripped all the earmarks disguised as “infrastructure initiatives” and hush money in the form of stimulus relief, the price tag to give hospitals resources, help to real small businesses, and aid to those that truly needed it - would have been less than $3 trillion and may have even solved the problem. To be honest, at this point, anyone reading this right now could have helped locals with respect to the Covid Virus Economy better than your current Representative in most districts around the country. I cannot answer for those districts, but with Millado as your Representative, Florida Congressional District 03 will always have a “voice” in Congress; not just an “ear” in Washington.

Anything additional you’d like to share with our readers?

Please visit our website at millado4congress.com now to join the fight and follow us on social media to stay in the “Know With Joe.” You can also call me at 904-829-7352 directly, which is my number today and wont change when

Joe Dallas Millado CD-03 Candidate

you send me to Washington. I am Joe Dallas Millado and I have the experience where it matters, the heart where it matters, and in August I want you all to put your vote where it matters with Millado. While others will have you kneel, we simply ask you to rise. America Rising With Millado.

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