Menachem Begin was an Israeli politician and statesman who served as the sixth Prime Minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983. He was a founding member of the Likud party, which brought together various right-wing and nationalist factions in Israeli politics.

Menachem Begin's political ideology can be generally characterized as conservative within the Israeli context. He was associated with right-wing and nationalist policies, particularly regarding issues of security and territorial integrity.

Begin had a strong emphasis on Israeli sovereignty and was known for his firm stance on national security. He played a significant role in shaping Israel's foreign policy, including the signing of the historic peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Furthermore, Begin's government pursued policies that reflected a conservative approach to economic matters. His administration implemented free-market reforms and reduced government intervention in the economy.

It's important to note that political labels can have different meanings in different countries, and the terms "liberal" and "conservative" may vary in their connotations. However, within the Israeli context, Menachem Begin is generally regarded as a conservative figure, known for his right-wing nationalism, commitment to national security, and advocacy for a free-market economy.

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