Outreach to the Israeli Arab Community: Katsav made efforts to engage with the Israeli Arab community and promote dialogue and understanding between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. He visited Arab towns and villages, emphasizing the importance of coexistence and equal rights for all citizens.

Commemoration of Historical Events: Katsav actively participated in commemorations of significant historical events, such as Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel's Independence Day. He attended various ceremonies and speeches, highlighting the importance of memory, unity, and national identity.

State Visits and Diplomatic Engagements: Katsav undertook several state visits abroad, representing Israel and engaging in diplomatic activities. These visits aimed to strengthen bilateral relations, foster international cooperation, and promote Israel's interests on the global stage.

Commutations and Pardons: As President, Katsav had the power to grant pardons or commute sentences. During his presidency, he exercised this authority on several occasions, issuing pardons or commuting sentences for individuals convicted of various crimes.

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