During his tenure as the President of Israel from 2014 to 2021, Reuven Rivlin made several notable contributions and accomplishments:

Promoting Coexistence and Dialogue: Rivlin was known for his efforts to foster dialogue and understanding among different communities within Israel, particularly between Jewish and Arab citizens. He advocated for equal rights and social integration, promoting coexistence as a key pillar of Israeli society.

Advocate for Democratic Values: Rivlin consistently emphasized the importance of democratic principles and civil rights. He spoke out against racism, discrimination, and intolerance, and called for the protection of democratic institutions and values in Israeli society.

Building Bridges with Diaspora Jewry: Rivlin made significant efforts to strengthen the bond between Israel and the Jewish diaspora. He reached out to Jewish communities around the world, engaging in dialogue and promoting mutual understanding, unity, and support for Israel.

Engaging in Public Diplomacy: As President, Rivlin acted as a representative and ambassador for Israel on the international stage. He engaged in public diplomacy efforts to promote Israel's interests, enhance its global standing, and build relationships with foreign leaders and dignitaries.

Commemorating National and Historical Events: Rivlin played a significant role in commemorating important national and historical events in Israel. He presided over official ceremonies, such as Holocaust Remembrance Day and Independence Day, and provided a unifying and solemn voice during these occasions.

Advocacy for Social Issues: Rivlin used his platform to raise awareness and advocate for social issues in Israeli society, including the rights of minorities, social justice, and equality. He highlighted the need for greater inclusivity and promoted initiatives to address societal challenges.

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