How does Ronald Reagan Compare to Donald Trump?

April 11th, 2020 by Publisher Jay Shapiro


Reaganomics included:

1. Reducing the capital gains tax, this is something we speculate Trump might consider in his second term.  

2. Reducing the growth of government spending.  According to The Heritage Foundation The Trump plan includes reducing porkmark spending by 4.4 trillion and a plan to have a surplus by 2035.  This is being written in Mid-April 2020 so the projected numbers will be skewed somewhat by the Coronavirus economy but it will be interesting to see what the President comes up with to get us back on track.

3. Reagan created 16 million new jobs and Trump created 4 million this far.  Unemployment under Reagan went from 20% down to 9%.  Unemployment under Trump went from 5.7% down to 2.9%.  Unemployment rates will always be lower in the digital age simply because people can always find some sort of work from home scenario via logging onto the internet.  A benefit that Reagan never had. 

It could be said that Trumpanomics is Reaganomics on steroids when adding in Trumps global tarrifs and other international business strategies to help us compete globally again.

Reagan's Party Unification:

Reagan united a party which was socially decimated by the Nixon era and yearning for hope.  Like Trump he united the religious right, the blue collar manufacturing and rust belt movement and even the liberty movement.  Trump takes it one step further by supporting the NRA and also signing a bill legalizing hemp and medical marijuana which is something that brings some Libertarans into the Trump fold of support.

Tax Reform: Reagan eliminated many tax shelters and simplified the tax process.  Similar to Reagan with respect to seeking simplicity,  Trump created a Corporate flat tax of 21%.

Income: Income during the Reagan administration was the highest it has ever been.  The same applies to the Trump Administration. 

Hollywood Actors: Both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were Television actors before becoming POTUS.

Israel:  Reagan negotiated to free Soviet Jews and to fly Ethiopian Jews to their rightful homeland in Israel.  He also connected the U.S. Pentagon to the Israeli IDF and the Mossad creating an alliance of global cooperation which has stood firm to this day.  Trump continues to carry Ronald Reagan's menorah torch legacy and displayed this support by moving the Israeli Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Bureaucracy & Government Regulation:  Ronald Reagan lifted business and governmental regulations in the exact same way that Donald Trump has done and is doing.  One example being lifted control of the petroleum industry.   Another is reduced red-tape in the lending sector.

Military: Reagan increased spending on a secure military in much the same way Trump has been doing.

Immigration:  Reagan signed the IRCA - Immigration Reform & Control Act by Simpson & Mazzoli which made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants.  He did grant amnesty to a certain number of illegal immigrants but back in 1986 a number of them were essentially needed to work on farms and do the labor that most Americans won't do.  Like Reagan Trump is very pro-Immigration yet he wants millionaire immigrants and highly educated immigrants to enter into our fold as opposed to the criminals and impovershed aliens who attempt to cross our border to collect government benefits or worse.  Hence the building of the wall which is much needed in 2020!!!

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