Dragos Sprinceana - Where is he in 2023?  On the cover of magazines!  Thats where!

Dragos Sprinceana exudes an imposing presence with his towering 6'5" stature, impeccable style, and a million-watt smile. At first glance, one might mistake him for a movie star, but beneath the impressive facade, he is a down-to-earth individual—a successful, compassionate, and civic-minded entrepreneur. As the founder of GoldCoast Logistics, a comprehensive supply chain management provider operating across the United States and Canada, Dragos has made significant strides in his industry.

His journey embodies the quintessential American dream. Originally hailing from Romania, a country marred by political and financial turmoil, Dragos and his family settled in Chicago over two decades ago. In 2010, with only two trucks and two employees, he embarked on his entrepreneurial venture, GoldCoast Logistics. Reflecting on his journey with great passion, Dragos shares, "I was born in Communist Romania. Communism is ugly. In the United States, I built a company with over 650 trucks, 1,000 employees, terminals in Illinois, Florida, and Arizona, and Call Centers in Europe and South America. I could not dream of creating this in my home country."

Growing up in modest circumstances, Dragos recognized early on that the United States offered unparalleled opportunities and freedoms. Consequently, he became an ardent believer in the American dream, showcasing how individuals can overcome obstacles, challenges, and their origins to achieve remarkable success. His unwavering commitment to the nation that granted him the ability to shape his own destiny remains steadfast, and he unabashedly identifies as a Conservative.

When approached to support a local initiative called "Tribute to America's Heroes" on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Dragos and GoldCoast Logistics stepped up, contributing over $100,000. The event honored first responders and veterans associated with the Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness Organization. Mike "Bing" Crosby, a retired Navy fighter pilot, prostate cancer survivor, and founder of VPCA, expressed his gratitude, saying, "Words are simply not enough to thank GoldCoast Logistics. Mr. Sprinceana is truly a patriot."

Dragos's generosity stems from his belief that it is our duty to give back to the communities that have provided us with so much. In addition to his business endeavors, he is also pursuing his passion for aviation as a student pilot. Recently, E. Matthew "Whiz" Buckley, a former F-18 Navy fighter pilot and founder of the TOPGUN Fighter Foundation, helped make one of Dragos's dreams come true by arranging a thrilling high-flying adventure in a fighter jet. As the saying goes, "Only in America."

Dragos Sprinceana's story is one of resilience, hard work, and gratitude. He serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the boundless possibilities that await those who embrace the American dream with determination and compassion.

Bob Sutton and Dragos Sprinceana on the Cover of Republican Magazine - Spring 2023 issue

CONSTITUTION DAY DINNER SPEECH Sponsored by Supporter Dragos Sprinceana

CONSTITUTION DAY DINNER SPEECH Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I am honored to be your Constitution Day Dinner Sponsor and one of the Speakers of this evening. Throughout my speech I want to slowly walk you through some of my life experiences, my past, my present and maybe a glimpse of my possible future! I think we are in a mutual agreement that in our lives, God never comes too late! Whenever you think you reached rock bottom, whenever you think it can’t be worse than this, it’s like something happens and we make it through. It’s like we have an invisible Guardian Angel that watches over us. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, or only spiritual or you don’t believe in anything! I bet most of us had moments in life when we had a no way-out situation, and something happened in the last moment and we end up making it. The Great Architect of the Universe – God – has a plan for all of us. If for most, nothing is ordinary in life, and everything happens for a reason, let’s all unite our efforts and help each other help others, and make nothing simply ordinary for each and every one. Help me, help you, and indirectly we help everyone else around us, walk on a path that brings 2 nothing but the best in all, and nothing but positivity, happiness and prosperity can come out of it. The world we live in today, it’s a little scary! “Especially now when we are dealing with delusional radical liberals” JJJ “I’m sorry but I had to say it!!!” J J J I see how most people follow rules. I see how few people use those rules to make other rules!!! Not necessary respecting any rules!!! And by that, I mean that not all rules are made for everyone. Intriguing......... In order to control yourself and be strong is always good to follow a path that makes you look for the answer of your life’s most important question - “Who are you !?” ......................... I can only answer who I am now - Who will I be, remains to be determined! My name is Dragos Sprinceana, and I am 41 years old, happily married with the love of my life Gabriela, with whom I was blessed to have a smart 3 years old beautiful little girl Sienna. I emigrated in United States almost 20 years ago....... and at this point, my journey started on path that led me living The American Dream today! Even thou I’m blessed to live in the best country on this planet - The United States of America - a country that offered me Freedom and Equal Opportunity for All, a country that helped me build a successful company with about 100 Million Dollars in Yearly Gross Revenue and 3 about 500 employees today - many of you don’t know how my childhood was growing up in my native country Romania, under a Socialist and a Communist Dictator - Nicolae Ceausescu. I remember like it was yesterday how my parents would wake up at 4:30 in the Morning, and one of them would go in front of the only Grocery Store in the neighborhood, and leave their bag with glass bottles for milk, yogurt and sour cream, just so they keep their place in line. Everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. At about 7-7:30am one of them would go back and stay in line until the store would open at 8am just so their only child can have some of the necessary proteins for the week. Not all cars were allowed to drive every day. In some days, only cars that had an even number on the license plates were allowed to be driven, and in other days only license plates with odd numbers were allowed. Gas for cars was rationalized. Same thing applied for bread and other products. At the time I didn’t know better and that was the “normal life” for me. I remember how tropical fruits, like oranges or bananas, were available only 2-3 times a year. I also remember how I was staying in line, myself, for 2-3 hours, and we were only allowed to buy maximum 3 oranges or 5 bananas. And if you wanted to buy more you had to stay 4 again in line and hope that there were some left until you got your turn again. “Yes! it did happen to me once, and I end up staying in line twice. I wanted to impress a girl at the time with 3 extra oranges J J J. My wife is my best friend and the 1st time I told her the story, she started laughing so much, because she doesn’t remember those times. She was an infant at the time J J J. What can I say, I was blessed enough to have a doctor’s prescription and marry someone a little younger than myself! J J J Now the tables have turned!!! In order to impress my wife today, I had to work hard, build a huge company and become a national oranges importer and transporter. If her “oranges” are not delivered on time, I’m in big trouble JJJ. I think a lot of the men tonight, know what I’m talking about J J J” Leaving jokes aside, my childhood was not pretty. I thank God, that I was fortunate to have the parents I do, and that they raised me the way they did. At the time I never dreamed I would end up living for the rest of my life in The United States, but as I said before, in God’s Work, we all have a role to play! Romania’s population fought in the 1989 Revolution in order to enjoy the Democracy they have today!!! We have to take this seriously, and make sure we are doing 5 everything in our power to stop radical liberals implement Socialism and destroy the foundation of this Country. We need to protect at all costs the United States Constitution, the Supreme Law that governs all of us. That’s why we need to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, and I am disgusted and appalled by the fact that some of us embrace a candidate like Joe Biden that supports radical socialists!!! “ I mean what is wrong with these people!!!! JJJ Many of us fought hard our way out of Socialism and Communism, while many people lost their lives in the process. Arriving in America, as my 1st job, I was a lifeguard. I was so excited OMG, I even imagined myself in a Baywatch scenario. To my disappointment, that job was at a Resort in Wisconsin Dells, at a kiddy pool. So, NO Baywatch for me J J J. After that my life’s journey took me in Construction, Serving Tables and Bartending while I was going to school again for my 2nd degree. Because I wasn’t busy enough with school and a job during the week, I got my Real Estate license and was doing open houses in the weekend also. And guess what! I found some extra free time to study for a Loan Officer License too. And at this point, I started my Career in Lending, and I end up quitting all the rest. I 6 worked for a couple of national recognized companies including Citi Group. I always felt like I can do so much more. I kept thinking how can I invent a very cheap product and sell it to millions of people. In the end, I was wrong. It was easier to find a Service that I can provide to millions of people. And that is why I started my transport company back in 2011. It was extremely hard and I went again to school for it. I bought my 1st 2 cargo Mercedes Benz Sprinters, and in 2012 I bought my 1st 3 semi-trucks. Fast forwarding today in 2020 after a Trade War with China and a Global Pandemic we are at close to 400 semitrucks and 3 terminals – in Illinois, Florida and Arizona. Did I mention that I don’t know how to drive a semitruck? JJJ I always said, that I’m going to find some free time to learn. The same thing happened with me learning how to sail my yacht, and now I promised myself I’ll learn how to fly! We’ll see about that! JJJ Because my company is run by a COO and a CFO, and I have some free time on my hand, I decided to get involved, do my part, and help as much as I can the Republican Party and its Congressional and State Candidates in my area. Besides helping the local candidates, I had the pleasure of hosting a Fundraiser Event at my house, for one of my favorite Congressman Matt Gaetz, and I had the honor to participate last week 7 at a small private luncheon event with Governor Ron DeSantis, Don Jr Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle, and a few others. As Conservatives we have to come together and support as much as we can our only voices in Washington – our elected Republican House of Representatives, our elected Senators and help many other potential candidates flip more seats, so we can finally regain control of the House, Senate and Presidency at the same time! Maybe one day I’ll run for Congress. You never know! But tonight, I have the pleasure to spend this beautiful evening with all of you! And I am humbled and honored to share my life’s story with people that even if I don’t know, I will be happy to call friends. In the end I would like to quote of my favorite US Presidents in history - President Donald J. Trump - a quote that encompasses the definition of The American Dream, of this Great, Unique and Beautiful Country: “America is the place where anything can happen! America is the place where anyone can rise! And here on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true for each and everyone one of us!” Thank you all for listening! And I wish you a beautiful rest of the night! ___________________________________________ I have the distinguished pleasure and honor, to introduce a unique character, a true fighter and front-line worrier - please welcome the Republican Party Primary Winner - Congressional Candidate for District 22 - Mr James Pruden 
Dragos and Gabriela Sprinceana on the Cover of Republican Magazine November 2020
Gabriela Sprinceana with Dragos
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